"How To Make A Direct Response Marketing Campaign To Bring A Flood Of Leads, Sales And Cash To Your Business In The Next 90 Days."
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Over the next 6 weeks you will learn how to compile a marketing campaign that you can test to see immediate results. Once you have a winning formula for generating leads and sales you can roll out the winning campaign continuously giving your business guaranteed income and a valuable asset. 
Here is a breakdown of what we will cover and teach you:

Week 1. Who Is Your Target Niche?
By identifying exactly who your ideal customer is, that can afford your services, you will save wasting money on advertising to everybody and anybody.
Week 2. Why Are You Contacting Me?

Discover how to craft a compelling “reason why” you are vying for their attention and how you will solve their problem.

Week 3. How Will You Contact Them?

Don’t waste money advertising where there is only a small chance they will see your message. You want your message to be seen by your intended audience and to stand out.

Week 4. How To Build A Marketing Piece.

There is a science to it. Learn the secrets to grab the readers attention, create interest, and pay you money.

Week 5. Putting The Campaign Together.

Just like putting a desk together. Follow the instructions as to how to do it properly so you get maximum response. If you have followed the first 4 steps, step 5 will deliver the money.

Week 6. The Fortune Is In The Follow Up.

There is always a next step. Don’t let a buyer disappear. Discover where the real money is for long term happy customers that will keep coming back year after year.

As a marketing strategist, consultant and copywriter it would cost you anywhere between $2,997 and $9,997 to have me come into your business and build a direct marketing system that you could use over and over again to make you money. But here you have the opportunity to save thousands of dollars to do it yourself with me guiding you through every vital step.

All for only one payment of $197
Each week there will be a short video explaining the tools for that week and what you must do plus we will give you the transcriptions of the video so you can reread and take notes. You will be able to print out these downloads and place them in a folder so you can refer to them over and over again.
By purchasing this marketing program, that educates you on how to build a successful direct response marketing campaign, you will give your business a valuable asset that can be used over and over again.
Yes I would like to invest in my business success NOW for only $197.

If you have had enough of paying for advertising that isn't working for you, being sold by slick advertising agency salesmen or are quickly going broke trying to brand your business, than you owe it to yourself, your family, your staff and your current customers or clients to invest the $197 in this marketing program to grow your business.
This program doesn't just tell you what to do but we give you tools to use for each step so you only have to focus on one thing each week until it is completed. Every week for 6 weeks you will receive the next lesson via video plus the specific tools and downloads for that week, delivered to your inbox.
Don't delay anymore. Invest in your business today.

So if we asked $697 for this course, you might start pulling out your credit card to pay it… But we’re not asking $697 for this “big things come in small packages” program.

We’re not even asking $497 – though it would be worth every penny.

You’re going to get this secret formula for finding prospects, creating marketing designed just for them, and enjoying their repeat business for years to come for just $397 $197

Yep, you read it right. Just $397 $197 and a couple of hours each week of your time for the next 6 weeks and you’ll be leaps and bounds above your competition when it comes to marketing.

Think about it… You’ve probably spent $397 $197 on coffee, eating out, and other non-essentials in the past month. Why not spend that on something that’s going to make you a LOT of money… invest it instead of spend it?

And you’re not just investing in the course…you’re investing in your business…your future…adding predictability and certainty to your bank account.

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This Program Is Guaranteed To Work For You, Improving Your Marketing And Increasing Your Conversions… Or It’s FREE!

Now, I have NEVER once sold ANYTHING of mine without a proper guarantee

This is the answer to improving your current and future marketing… increasing your conversions and attracting new riches.

And to those who are just getting started: This program will absolutely SAVE you from the headaches of trial and error.

But if you just don’t see the value in these 6 Steps, the break down from start to finish of a campaign, and the marketing knowledge, you are welcome to a full and fast refund within 90 days.

That’s right, you have 90 days to implement the tools included in this content-rich program. And if for some reason, or no reason at all, you are NOT convinced my marketing program will help you, just call Accelerated Business Marketing  at 0407-962-602 and we’ll take care of your refund.

Even if you wake up on the wrong side of the bed one day and decide to send it back, you can… just call.

The reason I can offer such a generous guarantee is because I am SO confident that if you take action on the secrets in my marketing program, you’ll get your investment back and will want to refer to this program again and again!

You Can Settle For “So-So” Results In Your Conversions Or You Can Take Action RIGHT NOW!

To your future success,


Mick Kenny

Accelerated Business Marketing

Email: support@acceleratedbusinessmarketing.com.au


P.S. 98% of people (that includes your competition!) will NEVER discover the 6 simple steps to making a great marketing campaign. Don’t be one of the 98%---take action today and claim your copy NOW and be on your way to getting more customers, clients, and patients and watching your income SKYROCKET!

P.P.S. Oh and another thing… If you’re thinking these strategies won’t work for your business… that your business might be “too different” from the what you read in this course, you might be limiting yourself. The psychology and triggers that motivates prospects to buy is the same in ANY business…so if you’re in the “selling” business, you’ve GOT to have this!

P.P.P.S. And remember, your purchase is completely backed up by my very generous 90 day guarantee. It’s like getting to review this powerhouse program for FREE! Try it, and if you don’t get your money back quickly with your next promotion…and if you really don’t think this program is for you, just drop us a line at support@acceleratedbusinessmarketing.com.au and you’ll receive a full refund… It’s that simple!